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About Us

Zysk Technologies is a web and mobile application development company located in the IT heartland of Bangalore, India. Our primary focus is providing professional, cost effective road maps and solutions for our clients projects. We offer a variety of services like web design, web development, app development, search engine optimization and social media management. With a team of qualified professionals, we are dedicated to delivering quality services for the success of our client's projects.

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Why Us


Upto date with Technology

The world today, particularly in the context of technology is moving at turbo speed. Your business stands the risk of becoming obsolete unless you keep up with all the developments in your industry. With the use of the latest and most effective technologies, we'll help ensure that your business always stays relevant to your audience.

Upto date with Technology


Great Service

Our team of designers and developers boast a strong knowledge of programming languages and the variety of skills they bring to the table makes us versatile. It helps us meet new challenges and add value to your business.

Great customer service


Deliver top quality applications

Be it design, UX or optimization, we ensure that you only get the best websites and applications when you engage our services. Our prompt support and maintenance services have won us the admiration of clients.

Quality applications


Enthusiasm and Innovation

More than anything else, our passion for all things tech drives us to learn more and do more. We love to explore new problem-solving approaches, which help us offer the simplest, most innovative solutions.

Innovation at the core