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Zysk Technologies

Zysk Technologies is a web and mobile application development company located in the IT heartland of Bangalore, India. Our primary focus is providing professional, cost effective road maps and solutions for our clients projects. We offer a variety of services like web design, web development, app development, search engine optimization and social media management. With a team of qualified professionals, we are dedicated to delivering quality services for the success of our client's projects.

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Up to date with Technology

The world today, particularly in the context of technology is moving at turbo speed. Your business stands the risk of becoming obsolete unless you keep up with all the developments in your industry. With the use of the latest and most effective technologies, we'll help ensure that your business always stays relevant to your audience.

Deliver top quality applications

Be it design, UX or optimization, we ensure that you only get the best websites and applications when you engage our services. Our prompt support and maintenance services have won us the admiration of clients.

  • Great service

    Our team of designers and developers boast a strong knowledge of programming languages and the variety of skills they bring to the table makes us versatile. It helps us meet new challenges and add value to your business.

  • Enthusiasm and Innovation

    More than anything else, our passion for all things tech drives us to learn more and do more. We love to explore new problem-solving approaches, which help us offer the simplest, most innovative solutions.

Things we do

  • Website and Graphic Design

    Whether you're looking to create a new website for your business or give it a virtual face-lift, our responsive designs are built for performance and are sure to give you a competitive edge.

  • Application Development

    From ideation to deployment, we'll walk with you every step of the way. Our applications are built based on the best practices of programming to deliver a great user experience each time, with the help of sophisticated back end processes.

  • E-commerce Websites

    We understand that time is your most precious resource, particularly when you’re planning to launch your e-shop. Prompt delivery, ease of use and a strong back-end workflow are all just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Sure you have a website, but is it optimized for search? With popular search engines like Google constantly updating their algorithms, we'll help you stay on top of the SEO game.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media presents a sea of opportunities to widen your reach, generate leads, and increase sales. We'll help you decipher the social world, so your bottom-line continues to show an upward trend.

  • Android App Development

    Catch the next big wave even as it's ebbing - the world is going mobile, your business should too. We'll help turn your vision into a live application, and beautifully so.

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